Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Green Lantern movie

The Green Lantern has finally gotten its own movie as leading man Ryan Renalds will be playing the main character Hal Jordan opposite of Ryan will be Mark Strong playing the green lantern gone yellow Sinestro. The movie will follow Hal Jordan the second superhero in the DC universe to have the name  Green Lantern although the movie has been kept under wraps the story gose something like this. Hal Jordan was chosen to be Green Lantern 2814 by the dying alien, Abin Sur. Hal has since been considered the greatest Green Lantern. He was a founder of the Justice League of America, host to Parallax and the Spectre, we will have to see how true the move is will it be a new spin on the old story like the ironman movie or completely different like Nolans famed Batman movies.


  1. i feel really weird about reynolds doing green lantern.

  2. hopefully this will be awesome. hopefully